Like many moms I know, ideas come to them in the middle of their many sleepless nights, about ways they can help other moms with things that are missing in the marketplace.   In addition, when the craziness of the “stay home mom” schedule gets to a boiling point, the thoughts come  of maybe I should do something else a few hours a week to get a break and maybe even make a little money.  With a very supportive husband and some great babysitters Addy Mae Creations (daughters name) was born in 2005 and been growing ever since!

I knew there was a ton of products on the market for children’s hair but everything I bought either fell out or was too cheap and broke. So during one of those long nights it came to me to create some hair clips of my own and after several test runs, Addy Mae was  ready.  Hair Clips were my specialty and I looked high and low where to find the cutest embellishments and ribbon. Since before I had kids I was in a completely different industry and had zero experience in this area, I had a very hard learning curve and thankfully consulted with the right people that led me on the path! I perfected my technique and started selling to some local boutiques where I used to shop! 10 stores turned into 20 and now Addy Mae can be seen in over 400 stores across the country.

I expanded my line slowly based on suggestions from my retailers and also from my great network of loyal friends that really supported me.  I realized I grew my product categories based on what my daughter (Addy Mae namesake) was in to at the time!  When she started doing gymnastics I made the gymnastics shorts that she loves. When the American Girl phenonema entered our world, I started making Mini Mae doll clothing!  Now every year  I try to add one or two new items but  I get so attached to each category it is hard to let one go!!

All of our items are locally made or assembled in Southern California and we try to keep our costs down so we can offer the best prices to our customers.  Subscribing to my website allows you to get specials and discounts.  Special orders are accepted and encouraged … if you can think it we can probably make it!